Latin America struggles to attract investment and finance projects

LARTC Advisory Board Meeting

Here are the last key takeaways from the LARTC Advisory Board Meeting that took place in Buenos Aires, in February.

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Key Takeaway 5: The region struggles to attract investment and finance projects

In a low oil price context, project approval is even more challenging and sourcing the capital necessary for these projects is even more so. The advisory board members stated financing is certainly a big concern when it comes to the development of the regional refining and petrochemical sectors. There is a lot of potential for this industry, but if significant investments can’t be secured, its development is severely compromised.

Importance of engaging with local communities to change local perceptions

With local perceptions of oil companies generally on the negative side, the need for companies to engage with local communities and encourage an open dialogue between parties is increasingly important. Transparency is essential to maintaining a healthy relationship and any actions a company can take to encourage this will have positive knock-on effects. Involving the local community in the decision-making process and keeping them informed of the status and objectives of projects will facilitate a friendlier and welcoming operating environment. An example of open communication can be seen through the use of social media. Shell and Statoil are among the companies enabling open communication with the general public through social media platforms, an essential tool in today’s digital age. Interaction with local communities could also be used to promote the development of local content, with support programmes for local universities and training institutes.

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About LARTC 2017

Taking place on the 5- 7 September in Buenos Aires, Argentina, LARTC 2017 is the only event focused on Latin America’s refining and petrochemical industry. It presents an un-paralleled opportunity to connect with the region’s stakeholders, helping you form partnerships that will support the development of the region’s downstream industry. LARTC showcases the latest thought-leading technological solutions and addresses the main challenges and opportunities in the Latin American refining and petrochemical industry and their related feedstock and markets.

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