#SuperSixSites: Cologne

As you know ERTC: Ask The Experts is being hosted in the historic German city of Cologne this year. Whether you’re going to attend the conference or just for a city break to escape the stress of work, we at the WRA have come up with our #SuperSixSites that you just can’t miss!

1. Kolner Dom Cathedral

Cologne Cathedral Canva

If you Google things to do in Cologne, there is no way that this cathedral doesn’t come top of the list. From its amazing history dating back to 313 AD and the gothic architecture, this Cathedral is a must see when you touch down in this remarkable city.

2. Old Town Cologne 

Old town cologne (2)

Lined with Traditional old houses and rustic narrow alleys, old town Cologne oozes historical charm. You can find a number of museums in the narrow streets from the Wallraf Richartz Museum, Farina Fragrance Museum and the Museum Ludwig. This site will have you truly hooked on the city’s beautiful past.

3. Cable Car

cable car

What better way to see the whole city than from a bird’s eye view! Crossing the River Rhine it connects two banks of the Rhine so enjoy a leisurely flight taking in all the impressive panoramic views of all the main city sites.

4. Hohenzollern Bridge – the wall of Love Padlocks

love lock

Love locks aren’t just for Paris. With thousands of padlocks across the huge bridge connecting the two parts of the city, fall in love with the love of others as you pass a vibrant display of locks engraved, painted and hung by thousands of couples from all around the world.

5. Ludwig Museum


If you’re into art then you need to visit this museum. Housing a collection of modern art from pop art to surrealism, artists that feature in this museum include Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and if that doesn’t do it for you, it also includes the largest Picasso collection in Europe. Now that you must see!

6. Chocolate museum

Untitled design (5)

Yep, you heard correctly. Located in the Rheinau harbour, directly in front of the old town and near the Cologne Cathedral, how can you turn down a waterside museum dedicated to our #1 cheat treat chocolate!

From guided tours to courses and tastings (which include wine!) this museum promises to make you feel suitably guilty but wholeheartedly educated on the history of our precious chocolate.

(please note courses and tastings are in German only)

So there are our #SuperSixSites!

If you are attending Ask The Experts we still have some spaces available for the bike tour and you can book this by emailing Georgina at Georgina.Sunshine-Anstee@clarionevents.com.

Remember if you have a ticket, the bike tour is completely free of charge and is a quick and fun way to see some of our #SuperSixSights!

If you would like to buy a ticket to AskTheExperts, please click here.

Even if you aren’t attending our event, we hope you found this post useful when planning what to do when you’re on your city break away.

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