How to be a successful woman in the downstream industry: Interview with Reem Al-Anbari, Borouge

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We recently had a chance to interview Reem Al-Anbari, Chief Financial Office, Borouge on her views, opinions and advice for women in the downstream oil and gas industry.

Reem Al-Anbari will be speaking at this year’s ADID 2017.

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Top 5 tips you would give to millennial women on succeeding in the Oil and Gas Industry

  1. Women should always believe in and live their dreams and work towards achieving their aspiration, so their minds, hearts, and souls are focused on attaining their vision. They have to believe that they are capable of translating what seems to be impossible to something possible.
  1. Women need to continue to develop their talents and capabilities, take risks, learn from mistakes and aim for a win-win solution. They should not let failure dampen their confidence but rather make it as an opportunity for growth. Women should always think ahead, welcome changes with an open mind, keep a positive attitude and mindset and remind themselves of their goals and move on. They should be prepared to handle challenges and deliver expectations. It is also very crucial for women to continuously educate and re-educate themselves and never stop learning and unlearning things.
  1. Take the initiative and take the opportunity when it comes. Opportunities knock only once. We have to grab it and seize the day. It is like riding a train. If you missed the ride on certain time, you don’t have any other choice except to wait for the next train.
  1. They should constantly challenge themselves set up their goals and learn from others. Like a diamond, they have to polish themselves so they can shine.
  1. Walk the talk and lead by example. Be a role model, motivate and inspire others. Women should demonstrate their capabilities by volunteering to carry out demanding projects & assignments, take ownership, and continually challenge themselves. They should show confidence and dynamism. They should learn to push themselves to take further steps, to speak up and let their voices be heard and heeded.


What impact do women have on the industry in your perspective?


What do you think can be done to help retain the number of women within the oil and gas industry?


What more do you think could be done to attract women to the industry?


In the time you have worked in the industry, do you think the perception of women has changed? For better or worse?


Who or what inspired you to go into the industry?


Although there has been an increase in the amount of women present in the workforce, what do you think women need to do or what can be done to get more women into positions of real power and decision making?


Do you think enough is being done at education level to promote women pursuing a career in the industry?

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