#SuperSixSites: Buenos Aires

A city which oozes drama from living under the shadow of secret police, to being ruled by evil dictators and bombed by its own navy, Buenos Aires is also home to some of the most important writers and artists in Latin America. After seeing economic booms bringing stunning wealth to the city, we are excited to be hosting this year’s…
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ERTC Advisory Board Meeting: Takeaway One

European refiners and producers need to develop new strategies to survive fierce competition from the US and Middle East Back in February, the ERTC Advisory Board met to discuss the key challenges currently facing the European downstream industry; with regulations tightening and CAPEX ever rising, it was noted that European refiners face an on-going challenge of competing with their US…
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Eric Duchesne: Is digitalisation the key to remote plant operation?

There have been many advances in the field of digitalisation in recent years. As the industry moves towards remote operation it is plant optimisation and integrity management which will provide the tools to enhance safety and anticipate potential problems within the plant, ensuring that the right human assets and replacement parts are available when required. This is what Eric Duchesne,…
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Eric Duchesne: Additive manufacturing can unlock additional performance

  When we think of digitalisation in the context of plant operation, the initial focus is usually on how data can be used for optimisation. This is normally interpreted as maximising asset availability but there is another more fundamental area where digitalisation can improve a process, and that is additive manufacturing. This is what Eric Duchesne, SVP Technology Experts, for…
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#SuperSixSites: Cologne

As you know ERTC: Ask The Experts is being hosted in the historic German city of Cologne this year. Whether you’re going to attend the conference or just for a city break to escape the stress of work, we at the WRA have come up with our #SuperSixSites that you just can’t miss! 1. Kolner Dom Cathedral If you Google…
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Latin America struggles to attract investment and finance projects

LARTC Advisory Board Meeting Here are the last key takeaways from the LARTC Advisory Board Meeting that took place in Buenos Aires, in February. Read the first key takeaway on the region’s dependence on imports here. Read the second key takeaway on Latin America’s petrochemical industry here. Read the third key takeaway on regional and overseas expertise here. Read the…
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Perspectives on the Latin American Refining Industry

Daniel Monzón Partner at Arhur D. Little shares his insights with us on the Latin American Refining Industry   The Latin America Refining Technology Conference (LARTC), hosted by YPF and with the support of the Ministry of Energy and Mining, will take place in Buenos Aires, from the 5-7 September. Daniel Monzón, a partner at Arthur D. Little and author…
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Taking on a stronger Energy Efficiency mentality – what’s next?

LARTC Advisory Board Meeting Here are the following key takeaways from the LARTC Advisory Board Meeting that took place in Buenos Aires, in February. The industry experts present at the meeting and sharing their insights include: Hector Godoy, Conversion Manager, Pampa Energía Pablo Baravalle, Senior Optimization & Control Process Engineer, YPF Adrián Guzmán, Head of Products Downstream Division, Y-TEC Ignacio…
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Benefits from regional and overseas expertise

LARTC Advisory Board Meeting Here are the following key takeaways from the LARTC (Latin America Refining Technology Conference) Advisory Board Meeting that took place in February in Buenos Aires. The industry experts present at the meeting and sharing their insights include: Mauricio Martin, Planning and Technical Downstream Director, YPF Arturo Bettati, Managing Director Latin America, Haldor Topsoe America Latina S.A…
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Latin America needs to further develop its petrochemical industry

LARTC Advisory Board Meeting Following the first key takeaway on the need for clear strategies to be put in place in order to decrease the region’s dependence on imports, here are the following key takeaways from the LARTC Advisory Board Meeting that took place in Buenos Aires, in February.   Key Takeaway 2: LATIN AMERICA NEEDS TO FURTHER DEVELOP ITS…
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LARTC Advisory Board Meeting: Decreasing the region’s dependence on imports

LARTC Advisory Board Meeting It is clear that the Latin American downstream industry has huge potential, but the region is currently facing an array of challenges, both technical and strategic. With the heavy and sour available feedstock and some underused refining capacity, the region remains a net importer of refined products and petrochemicals. Nonetheless, the number of countries investing in…
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Egypt Downstream Advisory Board: Egypt is facing a shortage of foreign investment

Back in December, we held the annual Egypt Downstream Advisory Board meeting, which was a gathering of the industry’s stakeholders. See who was in attendance here.  We have a series of takeaways from the Advisory Board which we will be releasing over the next few weeks. Takeaway 1: Egypt is facing a shortage of foreign investment There has been a severe shortage of foreign…
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Ever Wondered How To Get The Most Out of Networking?

Having been to many networking evenings throughout my career, I have picked up a few tips to ensure successful networking: Arrive early – people will gravitate towards you rather than having to include yourself in other peoples’ conversations If you are attending a sit-down lunch/dinner, try and make 3 new contacts before sitting down to eat. This will help your…
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Presentation Guidelines

Your guide to preparing and delivering a great presentation. We’ve put together the following speaker and presentation guidelines to help you make the most of presenting at a WRA event, ensure your ideas are understood and to have maximum impact! WRA Presentation Guidelines

In The News: Board Directors of Saudi Aramco and Dow Jointly Visit Sadara Chemical Company

Mega plastics and chemicals complex in Jubail achieves 98 percent completion World’s largest ever built in a single phase, to be fully operational in 2017 Complex will further stimulate Kingdom’s economic growth, and create investment and job opportunities   17 February, 2016 – Jubail, Saudi Arabia: Four years after they gave the green light to develop the Sadara joint venture,…
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In The News: OGPC Project to Increase Azerbaijan’s Budget Revenues

Baku, Azerbaijan, Dec.2 Once commissioned, the Oil and Gas Processing and Petrochemical Complex (OGPC) will enable to significantly increase the revenues of Azerbaijan’s state budget, Gulmammad Javadov, first deputy energy minister of the country said. He made the remarks during the 19th annual CIS Downstream Week on refining, petrochemicals, petrochemical refining and petrochemical industry in Baku Dec.2. Javadov said Azerbaijan…
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In The News: Bahrain plans $400M floating gas terminal

A contract to set up a multi-million dollar floating gas terminal off the coast of Bahrain will be awarded next month. The $400 million Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal will be constructed near Khalifa Bin Salman Port, on Bahrain’s northeast shore.  Energy Minister Dr Abdulhussain Mirza said it would be operational by early 2018 and would receive deliveries of LNG…
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In The News: MOL boosts downstream business despite oil price decline

A global decline in the oil price since last year may have hindered upstream business in regions such as the UKCS. But for Hungary’s MOL Group, the lower oil price has prompted an unexpected boost in its downstream operations. David Pullan, group downstream development senior vice president for the company, told delegates at the Central Eastern Europe and Turkey Refinery…
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Top Tips To Get The Most Out of Our Conferences

1. Be clear on your goals Do you want to consolidate existing relationships or meet new people? Do you want to acquire “how to” expertise or to gather industry insights and intelligence? From a personal standpoint, are you trying to grow your “personal brand” or make connections with others? Learn more in order to do your current job better, or to…
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Exclusive Interview with Mehmet Ogutcu, Chairman, Global Resources Partnership

Back in June 2015 at the Big Gas Debate, World Refining Association interviewed Mr. Mehmet Ogutcu. Mehmet serves as chairman of Global Resources Partnership and also leads the Bosphorus Energy Club, an exclusive gathering of senior executives and leaders in finance, energy and politics. Here are his insights on Turkey’s potential in becoming a regional gas hub. Giulia: So, Mehmet,…
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