We understand the importance of networking and we know that sometimes it’s difficult to make the right connections, so, following your feedback, we’ve reimagined our event structures. We promise that our new event formats will give you more opportunities to meet the right people, and more platforms to have the right conversations.

No longer will you have to sit through power point presentation after power point presentation.  These new formats are designed to give you more opportunities for questions, debate, and peer to peer interaction, but still with the same high-quality content you have come to expect from a WRA event.

Speed Networking

In the exhibition room, there will be a series of cocktail tables with red and green envelopes on them. You will stand behind either a green or red envelope and when the bell rings you will have three minutes to network with the conference participants around your table. After three minutes, green envelopes will move in a clock-wise direction and reds will remain in place.

Use this highly interactive session to forge the partnerships necessary for your business. It is a great ice-breaker that sets up further discussion for later on during the day.

Don’t miss out on that vital introduction!



World Café Roundtables

World Café Roundtables are structured groups of 5-7 self-selected people where they discuss a topic around tables, with individuals switching tables periodically and getting introduced to the previous discussion at their new table by a table host. We’ll be creating a café ambience in order to facilitate conversation

This is an ideal format to gain insight into how your industry is tackling the biggest problems. Often hosted by a consultant, have access to their knowledge and advice for free!




Our Big Debates tackle the most contentious issues facing the industry. The motions are arranged in a pro-con format ensuring that both sides of a particular issue get equal exposure. The audience then votes for or against the motion to determine the winner!



Country Roundtables

A series of roundtables that address specific issues relevant to particular countries. This is a chance to interact with governments and National Oil Companies from that country and delve into their specific challenges and opportunities.



Gala Dinner and Awards

Often the social highlight of the conference, the Gala Dinner is the ideal opportunity to extend your networking into the evening with your peers. Sit side by side with influential figures from the industry and celebrate the contribution, dedication and excellence of key individuals and projects in the industry.


Drinks receptions

Whether your choice is Martini, shaken not stirred, a Manhattan or a virgin Pina Colada there will be something for everyone – but we can’t promise cocktail umbrellas! This is the perfect opportunity for you to make valuable connections with potential new partners, customers or friends.



Solve the challenge

Are you a supplier who has a solution to an industry problem? Solve the challenge session is your opportunity to pitch your solution to your buy side potential customers. This session is highly interactive and really does provide knowledge transfer and business opportunities.


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