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Отчет по интеграции

Всемирная ассоциация по нефтепереработке рада представить Вашему вниманию отчет по интеграции, который поможет Вам сориентироваться в тенденциях индустрии, узнать о проблемах, с которыми сталкиваются операторы на сегодняшний день, и определить стратегию на будущее.
В отчете Вы найдете эксклюзивное интервью с Кенаном Явузом, генеральным директором, ГНКАР Турция, где он рассказывает об основных преимуществах интеграции и ключевых технологиях для достижения успеха.

Отчет также включает в себя:
• Бизнес кейс компании Total
• Обзор последних глобальных интеграционных проектов
• Результаты нашего исследования глобальной интеграции
• Эксклюзивные интервью с компаниями : UOP, СНГ и ORPIC
• Рекомендации для компаний, планирующих интеграционные проекты

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Significance of operational excellence on securing the future of downstream operations

Since June 2014 when world crude oil prices began their inexorable
slide towards $50 per barrel both international oil companies (IOCs) and
national oil companies (NOCs) have been in engaged in a desperate battle
to keep their heads above water.
Furthermore, in an attempt to save their bottom line, many have redirected their focus towards downstream.
However, this – at best – has provided only a temporary respite. Indeed, the latest indications are that a number of factors in the second half of this
year point to tougher times ahead for the refined products sector. These
include a rash of announced new downstream projects in the Middle East
and a downturn in the Chinese economy that was capped by a surprise
devaluation of the Chinese Renminbi currency in August.

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The Egypt Downstream Summit & Exhibition Advisory Board Meeting

The World Refining Association gathered 26 stakeholders in Egypt’s refining and petrochemical industry for the Inaugural Egypt Downstream Summit & Exhibition Advisory Board meeting.

The objective of the advisory board meeting was to discuss the key challenges, themes and opportunities that will make up the agenda for the inaugural Egypt Downstream Summit taking place in February next year.

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Global Report on Refining and Petrochemical Integration

By collating insights from pioneering companies in this area,
we have created a report to enable you to benchmark, analyse
trends, learn from issues encountered to date, evaluate the
decisions behind operations and identify a strategy that can be
implemented into your own business.

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The future for Egypt’s oil and gas industry

Egypt is currently the largest oil producer in Africa outside of OPEC and the second largest gas producer, after Algeria. This report collates insights from key stakeholders in country’s oil and gas industry to enable you to assess the risk vs.reward potential of investing in Egypt.

This report includes:

  • An expert insight on the next steps that need to be taken by Egypt to increase production.
  • A roundtable discussion on the potential of Egypt to become a regional gas hub
  • An interview with Waleed Abukishk, Shell Egypt on the current challenges and opportunities of operating in the region.
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