Can I nominate myself?

Yes of course! We encourage self-nominations.

Can I nominate more than one individual?

Yes, you can nominate as many individuals as you like. Please ensure your nomination meets the requirements for entry. You can see the criteria for entry here.

Does it cost anything to nominate myself/individuals?

No, the entrance is completely free

What if I am nominated multiple times?

Those nominated a number of times are treated in the same way as a single entry. We will use the most comprehensive nomination received in the judging process. Those who receive multiple nominations do not have an advantage over those who only receive a single nomination.

I have been nominated and want to nominate someone else?

We absolutely encourage nominees to nominate others.

One of the judges works for the same organisation as me, can I still nominate myself/be nominated?

Yes, we are able to see if there is a conflict of interest between an entrant and a judge and will manage this situation by asking another judge to assist. We also ask all of our judges to declare if they feel compromised either because they know the individual nominated or they have close links with their company.


How does the judging work?


The World Refining Association, PTQ and Digital Refining  will screen all entries after the closing date to ensure they are suitable for our judges. Should a nomination be incomplete, we reserve the right to discard the entry. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to chase individuals for missing details.

Shortlisting & Winners

We have selected 10 judges. The shortlist will be drawn up by the judges

To remove any bias, nominees surnames and companies are removed from the details provided to our Judges. Should one of our judges recognise the nominee by way of their achievements, they will be asked to declare the conflict and step out of the judging process.


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